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Engraved plastic signs can be used inside as well as outside. Common uses are door signs, information signs, industrial signs and other general labeling signs.

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Engraved plastic signs make perfect badges. They are often used in hospitals and the service sector. Engraved plastic name badges are high quality and low cost.

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Aluminum signs are sturdy signs great for outside use. Common uses are as street signs, shop signs and entry signs.

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Acrylic signs form part of our high end range of signs and are suitable both as door signs and company signs. We offer 6mm transparent acrylic signs, and 5mm white acrylic signs.

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Vinyl text is contour-cut text and images in vinyl, which is ideal for people who don’t want a background, just text. You can apply the vinyl text to a wall, window or car yourself.

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Our wood signs are 4 mm thick and are made of MDF with an oak veneer. They are only suitable for indoor use such as internal door signs. We engrave the desired text onto the sign.

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Decals, often called stickers, are suitable for vehicle decoration, window decoration, exhibition material, labelling and wall texts. They are printed in colour and you can add colour pictures and choose the colour of the background, text and outline.

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Banners are a great, affordable option for large format signage. They are often used for fairs, promotions and large events. Our banners are made of top-quality moulded PVC, are easy to mount and can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

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