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Baseball signs

Baseball is an outdoor game most popular in the USA and Canada. Two teams of nine players compete against each other using a bat and ball. Each team takes turns fielding and batting.

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Examples of Baseball signs

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Brass sign

4.1 x 2.4 in


Like any other sport, baseball signs are usually erected outdoors on the field where the match will take place. The aim is to promote and support a particular team, and maybe also individual team players. Baseball signs are colourful, vibrant and fun to create. They would include graphics, the team logos and slogans and any other personalized text.

Baseball signs could be mounted on wood, aluminium or metal frames, vinyl banners or durable plastic, which would be able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Sometimes, baseball signs are designed on reclaimed wooden structures to keep in line with the bat theme. Some signs could be very artistic and hand made with intrinsic details crafted on them, especially if they are to be given as mementos to fans or team members.

At Signomatic we can help you create baseball signs to your requirements, no matter how simple or complicated these may seem to you. Contact us today so we may provide you with some sample ideas as a starter to creating your own custom-made baseball sign.

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