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Beach & pool signs

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Information on Beach & pool signs

Beach & Pool signs usually consist of indoor and outdoor signage. The indoor signs indicate where in the establishment the pool facilities are. Signage is displayed in prominent areas of the building, to assist visitors in navigating their way to the respective pool areas, which may be indoor spa facilities as well as outdoor pool areas. This is true of hotels and spa areas as well as therapy clinics.

Outdoor signage usually takes the form of warning signs as well as navigation signs. Warning signs will usually be to inform visitors and users of the facilities that the area may be slippery when wet, or to advise clients to wear appropriate footwear at all times, both for safety and hygienic reasons. Also, some pool and beach signs may be prohibitory, such as ‘no diving’, ‘no jumping’ and the like.

There may also be a set of rules activated in the event of an emergency. These could be both beach and pool related. Beach signs may also include details such as a prohibition against littering and advice to visitors as to whether the sea is sufficiently safe to swim in, as well as contact numbers in the event of an emergency. There is usually a life guard or pool boy in attendance, as a safety measure.

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