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Information on Campaign signs

Promoting ideas, whether by companies, small businesses, non-profit organisations or even individuals, can be done by using campaign signs. Promotional messages can be relayed by companies or organisations to help raise awareness of their services or campaigns. These signs can be for public service or geared more towards customers to highlight a business. Non-government organisations or charities can further raise awareness of their ideas and goals, while individuals or companies could promote their work, business or political office.

The size and detail of the sign can vary according to the scope of the message to be introduced, utilising our full range of options to design your campaign sign. You can start with considering where and how the sign will be placed, the surface for the campaign sign and how to mount it, and the design itself. You can choose a suitable font, include an image and choose the colour scheme that will make your message pop.

What is your promotion?

Business promotion campaigns - Our campaign signs offer a simple yet eye-catching designs, suitable for mounting in more permanent locations to direct people to your business. Signs can definitely bring their attention to your business. Aside from this, our campaign signs can be mounted easily on transportable and sturdy aluminium stands for more portable and dynamic situations to allow your company's promoters to move around constantly, exposing new clientele to your company's product or service.

Raising awareness campaigns - There are many opportunities for people to contribute. There is a month for every cause and international days for others. With our campaign signs, you can easily remind the people around what is being highlighted at any given time. We offer a range of possibilities for signs that can be easily replaced with no fuss and no tools like our magnetic signs, which can be attached to metallic surfaces.

Location, location, location

Location is of high value for all of us. You have to be in the right place at the right time. With one of our campaign signs, your message will be at the right place, all the time, making sure people, particularly your target audience, can be more likely to take notice of one of our efficiently designed campaign signs. And speaking of location, you have to remember to list yours on your new sign.

When placing your sign, consider any competition it might have. Are you brazen enough to place yours next to the competition? If so, you will want your sign to differ from and overtake theirs. Otherwise, you have to be the first to place outdoor campaign signs in places they haven't yet. Charities and NGOs might consider this as well, as competition is simply a matter of how much the local audience has to give, to how many groups, and which might be a favourite or worth it.

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