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Church welcome signs

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Church welcome signs are usually the first thing seen by passersby. These are more than just a way to welcome members to the church; these are also a way to communicate information with existing and prospective church members. Most churches have found a way to make the signs entertaining and funny but informative. There are several types of church signs; there are temporary signs that can be changed at any time, and then we have the permanent ones. The signs can be banners, LED signs and more.

There are the more traditional-looking church welcome signs like the monument signs. These signs give you that formal, classic look but can still be infused with technology. The signs can either be permanent, meaning that the words cannot be changed. This type of sign will suit the more traditional churches who want to maintain its formal look. There is also the temporary type of signs that have interchangeable letters. Whichever sign is chosen, the churches have a way to welcome and communicate with their members.

Catching visuals

Churches that are looking for a less traditional sign infused with technology will enjoy the LED welcome signs. These signs do not limit you to just one message; videos and graphics can be displayed on the sign. You can always change the images and words to suit each church event. Service times, announcements and more can be displayed on the LED signs. The LED signs have a fun and very modern feel to it and will be sure to attract attention for a very long time.

Changeable letter signs give churches the opportunity to write a longer, clearer message for the congregation. With signs like these, you can go beyond just welcoming members, placing service times or event dates. Longer inspirational messages can be placed on these signs. It is also easy and fun to use. All you need to do is think about what message you would like to pass on to the congregation and get the letters spelt out. Church welcome signs do not need to be dull; they can be done in various interesting ways.

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