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College signs

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The most important college signs are the ones that provide directions to the facility itself. These should display the name of the college and its location. This type of sign needs to be large and readable both from afar and by drivers. It can also be a good idea to have multiple smaller signs along the route to the college, thus confirming that the right direction is being taken by any newcomers.

Once at the college itself, signs for parking and directions to the various parts of the college will also be necessary. A large reception sign is a must as this will be the go-to point for most first-timers to the college. Once at the reception, there can be more signage and a detailed layout of the facility so that visitors may find their way around.

Once inside a building, it is important to have continuous directional signs and also to have clear labels on doors to denote the office, subject or whom is working there. This can include wall labels and also door plaques.

All signs need to be large and clear with information easily visible. Signs should be placed in the appropriate areas of the building.

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