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Dorm signs

or the most part, dorm signs are necessary to give instructions to those residing within them. However, the first signage for dorms needs to be that of the individual dorm itself. Having multiple rooms requires them to be labelled either via number or a room name so that visitors do not get confused. Once in the dorm, it can be prudent to label the beds as well so that guests know which bed is theirs.

Within the dorm room there should also be a number of instructional signs. First, there can be a rule sheet. Usually placed by the door or a light switch, this can be a clear list of the rules and regulations of the dorm as a whole. This will vary between establishments. At this point, it is also important to have a map detailing the emergency exit routes and the meeting point in case of an incident.

Other signs can be placed around the facilities associated with the dorm and can include such things as instructions to label food in a fridge, a reminder to switch off lights, shower usage and more. All of this serves to make the rooms habitable by all and will also help staff in their day-to-day duties.

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