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Hockey signs

Hockey is a game played between two teams. The aim of the game is to hit a ball or puck into the other team’s goal, using a stick. There are variations of the game hockey, the most common being ice hockey and field hockey. As the name implies, ice hockey is played on ice whilst field hockey is played on grass.

No matter which type of hockey game you are promoting, Signomatic can create various hockey signs that would be a great addition to the game’s ambience. Hockey signs are usually erected in the field or ice arena where the match will take place. They would predominantly be supporting a particular team. Graphics, team player names, team logos and slogans could be added to hockey signs. They could be of any size and come in different materials – be they vinyl posters or banners, billboards erected on metal frames, wall-mounted signs or free-standing signs – and include any kind of poster fans could be waving in support of their favourite team player.

Since hockey signs are usually erected outdoors, they are mounted on material that could withstand adverse weather conditions.

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Examples of Hockey signs

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Brass sign

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