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Thanksgiving signs

Thanksgiving Signs

Thanksgiving is one of the largest holidays in North America and, as such, there is usually a lot of decoration and signage that goes along with it. For the most part, thanksgiving signs are colourful, festive signs, usually extolling a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’. Some go one step further, and add a nice message such as ‘Blessings’ or ‘Welcome’.

Thanksgiving is all about food as well; so many a thanksgiving sign will feature food of some sort. Some of the wording even goes towards this, with twists on the traditional message, being things such as ‘Give Thanks, Eat a Pie,’ or ‘Bless the Food Before Us.’

The overall design of these signs is usually done with an autumnal palette, such as browns, reds and oranges; because autumn is the season the festival takes place in. Turkeys wearing pilgrims’ hats feature prominently, reminding everyone of the true reason for the celebration. Sometimes these designs are as realistic as possible; other times they are cute and cartoony, to give a more loveable feel.

In truth there is a multitude of designs. Some need to be large and readable from a road, while others are meant in a more personal way, and are simply attached as a welcome to the door of a home, sitting there to greet any visitors that may come by.

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Examples of Thanksgiving signs

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