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Keep away signs

‘Keep Away’ signs are very commonly found not only in commercial establishments but also in households and small enterprises. ‘Keep Away’ signs are there to notify passers-by or visitors that they are to steer clear of particular areas, be it manual work areas or construction sites, as well as a means of deterring trespassers from private property. This could be seen in various rural areas, where the countryside is lush, and private property orchards, fields and olive groves need to be protected from trespassers. ‘Keep Away’ signs create a deterrent to trespassers; however, these do need to be accompanied by security cameras to really create impact.

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Examples of Keep away signs

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Brass sign

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When ‘Keep Away’ signs are used as a safety measure in workplaces, some graphics are also used – e.g. a hand signalling to stop, or an exclamation mark which indicates danger. These signs are also found in hospitals and clinics near X-ray rooms or other areas where harmful substances or chemicals are used. It is important to notify visitors and staff of potential dangers in particular areas since the safety of all is what is mostly emphasized at all workplaces nowadays.

‘Keep Away’ signs could be designed to suit your particular requirements, be they customary, standard signs easily that are readily available, or alternatively they can be custom made to your personal liking. A whole array of durable materials is available at Signomatic.

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