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Lockout signs

Lockout signs are there to remind employees of the dangers involved and safety precautions necessary, especially when dealing with dangerous equipment and procedures. They warn workers of certain dangers their job imposes, as for example is the case when repairing faulty machinery or carrying out maintenance on industrial equipment. Reminding employees of lockout procedures helps prevents accidents in the workplace, which, today are all too commonplace, unfortunately.

Lockout signs are almost compulsory, as imposed by certain Health and Safety Institutions. The tradesmen mostly concerned with lockout signs are manual labourers, electricians and craftsmen dealing with hazardous processes and chemicals such as glass blowing and metal grinding, as well as processes involving handling of hazardous substances and chemicals.

Lockout signs could range from free-standing signs, wall-mounted signs or other barricading signs such as floor tape, barricade tape and underground barricade floor tape, which could withstand dirty and messy environments, grease, chemicals and oils and weather conditions, as is usually the case when such lockout signs are required.

At Signomatic we will first take the opportunity to understand your lockout procedures, safety processes and nature of work. We will then suggest the best design and wording for your lockout signs to suit your particular trade.

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Examples of Lockout signs

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Brass sign

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