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Military signs

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Military signs communicate a lot of meaning to those in the military service and the general public as well. They are a must in every military institution. Graphic signs can be on military vehicles and uniforms, diagrams of military interest, maps, and monuments representing a particular military unit. They need to be large and striking to the eye to be identified easily. Besides, the signs are also important for the status of honour and fashion accessory. They can also be used as gifts to appreciate military personnel.

You can choose signs with different colour, sizes, and materials. The material making up the signs matters a lot. The variety ranges from a variety of metals, wood, acrylics, vinyl, and plastics. We have a wide range of finishing options and can customise to fit your preferences. We understand that preferences may vary from traditional to elegance; this can be personalised to show honour of the places the military signs are to be displayed. You also have the option of casting your own designs, either for interior or exterior applications.


When it comes to the quality of the signs, it should meet your required specifications. The range can be from text size, format, fonts and much more. We make quality signs that can withstand almost any environment. For example, those signs made of metal have proven to be more durable, boasting a long outdoor lifespan and are specified for military standards. Besides, these military signs have protected edges to increase durability and protection. Any graphics with holes and edges that have not been anodised can interfere with the durability requirements.

When it comes to military symbols, colours also matter. Having these graphics with the appropriate colours can make all the difference. For example, signs found in the areas controlled or occupied by the forces can be in blue. Territories occupied by the enemies can have red signs, depending on the military specifications. Also, you can customise your signs to include your troop’s names or pictures, or even messages to make memories permanent. Show off the patriotism of your military by checking out our unique signs or designing your own signs.

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