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Funny business signs

Create your own funny business signs with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.

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The office environment, it is very fair to say, can become quite boring becase of the repetitive nature of work. The predictable nature of work can lead to boredom and can bring about lethargy and a possible decline in enthusiasm and output. This can, however, be sorted out somewhat if you make use of some of our great funny business signs. Funny business signs will help brighten up the office and make people smile whenever they see them. When your workers are happy and not bored, the workload will be more productive.

This is where the idea of a personalised funny business sign comes in! Simply put, a funny business sign is a light-hearted and funny worded sign that isn’t offensive or improper. It simply helps to create a friendly and lively atmosphere for everyone in the office. The size of the sign is of little importance, so long as it grabs the attention. They may be hung on doors, workers’ table or desks, toilets and in a more creative way, faulty office equipment or any other office gadget. In other words, stick them where you like.

What should the sign look like?

The text should be in bold so that it stands out and is clear to the reader. The fonts should be simple - regular lower and upper case lettering will be sufficient enough. Funny images can also be included to add more meaning to the sign. We have a wide variety of already-made funny signs available for you to choose from, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, don't worry as we also provide our customers with easy-to-use customisation tools, all at no extra cost.

The fact remains that people just want a good laugh and it can be at the expense of others or themselves. The anecdote in the sign should be something that everyone within the office environment can easily relate to. This way, the content would be understandable and relevant to their day-to-day activity in the office. Laughter has a good way of boosting the mood and re-energising everyone. This explains why comedy is now a big business that is bound to continue to grow. So take a look at our signs and see which ones can make you laugh.

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