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Medical parking signs

The proper management of the parking area of ​​the hospital or clinic is important not only for the proper functioning of the institution itself but also for the protection of patients' lives. Imagine for a moment what may happen if an ambulance fails to gain access quickly because it is blocked by other vehicles. It is therefore not surprising to find several subcategories of medical parking signs. Each type of medical parking signs gives precise and very important information to employees, patients and visitors alike.

There are also doctor parking signs, patient parking signs, emergency parking signs, or expectant mother parking signs. There will also be staff only parking signs as well as signs that guarantee the protection of pedestrians. Finally, there is the last category of medical parking signs that can be considered personalized. These include reserved parking signs, limited time parking signs, and no parking signs. The design of these panels is classic. These are always items large enough to be noticed even at night. The colours used, as for all panels are also quite bright: red, blue, yellow, brown, green, black.

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Examples of Medical parking signs

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