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Funny no trespassing signs

Funny ‘No Trespassing’ signs are effective because they use humour to get their message across. You can enforce your authority over your property in an interesting way – classics such as ‘Forget the Dog; Beware the Wife’ are sure to catch your eye. Other options include: “I Can Make It to the Gate in 3 Seconds – Can You?” with a picture of a massive guard dog underneath the text.

These signs use large fonts and bright colour combinations, such as red and white or yellow and black, so that they stand out and can be read from afar. The designs usually include a picture of a dog, a danger sign, or the more traditional ‘No Trespassing’ legend. These signs should be placed at the front of your home, in a clearly visible location. They will deter any unwanted visitors - and make people laugh at the same time!

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Examples of Funny no trespassing signs

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 private

Brass sign

4.1 x 2.4 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Title COMPANY NAME Your logo here

Acrylic sign

11.0 x 8.0 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 - 3275 - SUNNYGATE ROAD

Aluminum sign

15.7 x 5.0 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Welcome!

Plastic sign engraving

8.0 x 3.0 in


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