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Safety signs

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Information on Safety signs

Many injuries happen in all sorts of workplaces due to lack of safety precautions taken, lack of safety information available to workers and employees, lack of adequate safety equipment available and the sheer carelessness on the part of some employees.

Nowadays there is greater awareness on the importance of safety signs, and most insurance companies will impose conditions on all companies and workplaces to have adequate safety signs installed as well as a means of ascertaining that these safety processes are being adhered to. Signomatic offers a wide range of safety signs which would most definitely suit your needs. They are designed in various styles that will keep your workers on the alert at all times. Moreover, at Signomatic safety signs are created using durable materials to meet your specific needs.

Safety signs could be wide-ranging, including information on chemical handling, proper use of machinery, general informative safety signs e.g. ‘hard hat required beyond this point’ ‘ high voltage area’ or ‘safety shoes required beyond this point’, warning signs e.g. ‘slippery when wet’ or ‘please lower your head’, or prohibition signs e.g. ‘no entry beyond this point’ or ‘strictly no smoking’. At Signomatic we ensure that all our safety signs are compliant with statutory regulations concerning safety at the workplace. This includes the size of the sign, material utilized, font and text styles on the sign as well as the availability of our expert staff to assist you in finding the perfect location for each safety sign your company requires.

With adequate safety signs in place, your workplace becomes a safer hub for all, resulting in a more productive workforce, increased awareness on individual and fellow workers’ safety as well as demonstrating to the general public that your entity is a well-respected one that promotes a safe work environment for all.

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