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Shoplifting signs

Create your own shoplifting signs with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.

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Here at Signomatic we pride ourselves on being able to protect businesses from theft. Put up our shoplifting signs in highly visible places in your shop or facility, to deter would-be thieves from snatching something off your shelves. As a deterrent, reminding people of the consequences of their actions seems to work wonders.

You can put up a simple notice, advising your customers that all activities are being monitored by video camera, or you can go for something more humorous, such as ‘Win a free ride in a police car and a set of bracelets just by shoplifting from this store’. This can be a great middle ground, because your signs are up and visible, but the humorous message prevents them from being off-putting to the average customer. However, if you would like to go for a more assertive message, use pictograms of security cameras, and large signs with ‘We Prosecute’ emblazoned across them.

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