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Volunteers signs

A lot of businesses and organisations rely heavily on a volunteer presence, but getting volunteers interested can be a problem. As a company, it is important to advertise the need for volunteering just as much as it is for staff. Volunteers’ signs need to be bright, informative and above all enticing; after all, these people will be helping out completely free of charge.

Bearing this in mind, many volunteers’ signs are funny and quirky creating interest in what the company does. Many volunteer signs take famous lines of quotes and put a fun twist on them making them recognisable yet relatable. A prime example of this is the British ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ being changed to ‘Keep Calm and Volunteer’. In so doing, the sign will simultaneously put the reader at ease and also become memorable – they are more likely to look into the programme later on.

These types of signs need to be placed around the area in such a way that they will be seen by a large audience. Bus stops, post boxes and other such public meeting points make excellent places to leave a sign or poster displaying the need for volunteers.

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Examples of Volunteers signs

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