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No littering signs

‘No Littering’ signs are a staple the world over. Whether it is in a workspace, break room or outside, they are all important. These types of signs need to be very clear and are usually accompanied by the text and a graphic clearly indicating what not to do. These signs need to be placed in regularly seen places so that people cannot claim that they did not see them.

The usual format for these signs is a white background with a black graphic. Often the graphic is found within a red crossed-through circle, which is the universal symbol for a forbidden action. Usually, the graphic has a person casually dropping bits of paper. Some places, such as parks, will have signs that include fouling by dogs in an attempt to keep the area clean. Others may include ‘No Dumping’ and ‘No Cigarette Butts’ in an attempt to cover all littering aspects.

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Examples of No littering signs

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