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Yield signs

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Information on Yield signs

The yield signs are road signs of great importance. These are priority signs that inform the drivers as to where they have the duty to give way to other vehicles, means of transport (trains) or even pedestrians. They are generally at intersections and/or crossroads, as well as in front of railways. They are customizable, and the inscriptions on the sign depend on the place where it will be placed.

The manufacture of these signs is regulated by very strict laws, as they all have to meet concrete specifications. They must, above all, be clearly visible day and night. This is why they have rather garish colours (red, yellow) and very often use reflective paints. They must also be high enough so that the drivers can see them from a distance.

The height of these signs varies according to the locality in which they are used. In town, they are often up to a height of more than two meters. Thanks to urban lighting, they are easily spotted. In the countryside and in sparsely populated areas, they are placed a little lower. In any case, in town or in the country, the distance between the sign and the site where the driver must yield must always be large enough so that the latter has time to react.

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