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Yield to pedestrian signs

Road signs are always important because, even though there are road rules, there are often slight changes or exceptions. Particularly in small villages, single lane roads, one-way systems, or areas for pedestrians, there can be additional rules for pedestrians that drivers need to be made aware of.

There are often places that allow pedestrians to cross the road, but usually, this depends on the drivers’ discretion and common sense. However, in some instances, it is necessary to have ‘Yield to Pedestrian’ signs. These often occur outside schools or other very busy buildings. These signs need to be placed a significant distance from the crossing in order to give drivers time to react. The instructions need to be clear and readable from a car and are usually found on a yellow background or in a diamond shape. Sometimes the sign will give the distance that this rule applies as well.

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Examples of Yield to pedestrian signs

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