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How does Signomatic work on CSR?

For us it is important to integrate CSR work into our business activities, which means a commitment to the world around us and to our employees. We want to run the company in a sustainable way and set a good example both socially and environmentally.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s about companies taking responsibility for their impact on society beyond what the law requires and working for more sustainable development. The impact can be felt in several areas. A typical breakdown is by social, environmental and economic areas.


We care about and respect each other and our customers, and we also want to be able to contribute to society through charity work, promotions and partnerships, among other things.

Our employees

At Signomatic, we want to ensure that each employee is happy and doing well, has a good work environment, and feels safe, and that there is no form of discrimination at work. The workplace should be characterised by freedom with responsibility and a focus on a work environment that emphasises collaboration, community, respect and understanding. Our employees should feel a sense of belonging and participation regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, etc.

We believe that good health contributes to healthy and prosperous people and that physical activity increases work performance. As part of this we offer a generous health care contribution and the opportunity for an hour of exercise per week during working hours. We want to encourage movement and community spirit, and every year we participate in various races.

Signomatic supports

With the Signomatic supports initiative, we want to take our responsibility as a company and contribute to sustainable development by supporting organisations that are involved in various social and community projects. For each new subscriber who signs up for our newsletter, we donate 2 USD to the initiative. Every month we support a new organisation or project. Read more.

We get involved in social issues

Through campaigns, we have been able to generate commitment, raise important issues and collect money for non-profit organisations and companies. Read more about our campaign #itsnotvisible.


We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and always strive to minimise our environmental impact. Our employees have received basic environmental training, and for us it is natural to consider sustainability in everything we do.

We offset our emissions

We offset the carbon emissions from our activities as well as from all shipments to our customers. The carbon offsetting takes place in cooperation with Atmoz Consulting, a Swedish company that helps other companies and organisations to take their share of responsibility for climate issues.

Our property has been certified a Green Building

Our new property has been certified a Green Building, which means that it consumes 25% less energy than current requirements.

We have installed 200 solar panels

We have reduced our energy consumption by installing 200 solar panels. This covers about 25% of all our energy consumption for the property, production and offices.

We offer eco-travel benefits

We try to travel with as little negative environmental impact as possible, so we offer our employees an eco-travel benefit. The scheme includes help with the cost of buying a bicycle or covers half the cost of a bus pass. 

Our initiatives

Our climate work

Signomatic supports


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