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Information on business signs

Businesses need to make a good first impression on any potential customers, and the key way of doing this is with an eye catching and informative sign.

Business signs can be for anything from a shop front to advertising a contractor; the sign can either bring people in or send them running for the hills!

Good signs successfully promote the specific brand by being clear, informative and above all, attention grabbing. This helps potential customers decide whether the brand is a legitimate one or a waste of their money. Therefore it is not only important to think about what the sign says about the business, but also where it is best placed.

Business Sign Designs

The Basics

For a shop the signage ought to be clean and clear, easily readable. Keeping it lit and well maintained goes a long way to establishing the way the business is run. Including what the business specifically does is also helpful, as it may on occasion not otherwise be clear. The sign should also be kept free from any obstructions that will make it less visible to the public. If it is to be a billboard style sign for the business, then make sure it has the name, logo, address, phone number and other contact details clearly displayed. It is important that customers can actually get in touch. It is also useful for signs to contain an action or slogan of some sort. Customers respond well to being told what they are expected to do, and a catchy slogan can be easy to remember for a customer in the future.

Design Tips

Colour is of course important as bolder colours will be more appealing, and of course stand out. Contrasting and complimentary colours will go a long way towards making this happen. The text should be in a readable font that is simple, with both uppercase and lowercase letters featured. The font should also be consistent throughout. Whilst it is important to put across the message; the fewer words used in doing so, the better. Inserting a few graphics can also make the sign memorable to passers-by.


An outdoor sign should be big enough to be seen but not too distracting, especially for drivers. It should also not be too far from the actual business. Indoor signs should be placed in the relevant positions within the building, for example, placing the sale sign near the sale items.

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