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Decals, 65x15 mm, Vinyl


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65 mm


15 mm


0.0068 inch (175µ)



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Decals, often called stickers, are suitable for vehicle decoration (car decals), window decoration, exhibition material and labelling. On our Design Page you can easily design your own stickers. It's not just fun, but also incredibly easy to make your own decals!

Our decals consist of PVC film or print vinyl manufactured using digital printing. They are available in sizes from 15 x 15 mm up to 1200 x 1000 mm. On our Design Page you can easily design decals to match your precise requirements. Upload an image or logo and add any text in the desired font and size. If you want decals with a transparent background, you can easily select this option.


Decals are perfect when you want to draw attention to something with stickers in several colours, or want a special colour for text or an image. Examples of uses are:

Floor decals

We offer self-adhesive decals suitable for floors. Floor decals are often used in stores, shopping centres, airports and underground systems. Our self-adhesive floor decals are durable, hard-wearing and protected by a layer of floor laminate that is also non-slip. Slip resistance rating R10 in accordance with DIN 51130.

Vehicle decals

Companies that want signage on their vehicles or windows can use decals if they want the signs to be in a certain colour, perhaps with their own logo and their specific colours. Design your own car sticker according to your own wish. For single-coloured text and simple images in a standard colour, vinyl text may be preferable, as it is possible to get the text contour cut without a background.

Decals for marking

For labelling of drawers, storage cupboards, etc., decals are a simple, convenient way of creating order.

Advertising decals

A restaurant, shop or café that wants to market itself directly at its entrance or in its windows can easily do so with decals.

Application of decals

Decals should be applied to dry and flat to slightly curved surfaces. Note that the surface the decal is to be applied to must be dry and clean of dirt and grease, so always start by cleaning the surface and removing any grease. It may also be a good idea to wash the surface with a degreaser before applying the decal.
At low temperatures outdoors (below +10-15 degrees), we recommend that you heat the surface to which the decal is to be applied. For instance, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer. This makes the decal adhere better and there is less risk of the decal becoming damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your decals weatherproof?

Yes. Our decals are highly durable & ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They consist of vinyl manufactured using digital printing. They are UV-protected, weatherproof and withstand exposure from sunlight, rain etc. Lifetime for outdoor use is 7 – 10 years.

2. How do I apply decal stickers to my car?

Apply custom decals to your car and make your vehicle stand out! Our decals can be added to cars, vans, bikes, boats, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles. Before applying custom decals to the vehicle, first make sure to clean the surface and remove any grease or dirt. Decide where to add the decal. Have you designed a bumper sticker, window decal or a company logo for the car door? Once you have decided on the location, peel the backing off the decal and install. Use the scraper, which comes with each order.

3. Can I order contour-cut or die cut decals? 

Yes. We offer contour cut decals or stickers with three different sizes. You can choose the desired size on the Design Page. The size is based on how much space you want around your design. Our contour cut vinyl is perfect for car decals for those wanting a custom shape or custom-cut design. This can inlcude a company logo, company name or any other design.

4. Do you offer a quantity discount for decals?

Yes. We offer discount, which is automatically applied on the Design Page when ordering a larger amount of items. Note that the the items do not have to be the same to get a discount. The discount will automatically be applied to your order and displayed on the Design Page (with and without VAT).

5. Do you offer custom windows decals for stores and shops?

Yes. You can place window stickers or decals on windows. If you are looking for a self-adhesive lettering for the inside of the window we can recommend our vinyl texts. Use the Design Page to design your custom window lettering. On the Design Page you can choose to reverse or mirror text objects, so that it writes all characters backwards – a solution if you want to place a text on the inside of a shop window, but want your customers to read it from the outside.  

6. How much do custom decals cost? 

We offer decals in different sizes and designs. You can order in any shape, size, colour and quantity on the Design Page. These variables also affect the price of any custom decal. Our quantity discount is based on the amount of decals you buy. The more decals you order, the more you save.

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