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Grey oval letterbox customised plastic sign

Plastic signs engraving, 100x40 mm, Adhesive Tape


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Product details


Plastic signs engraving


100 mm


40 mm


0.06 inch

Fixing method:

Adhesive Tape

Product description

It’s nice to have a letterbox sign, and it also clearly indicates to the world who lives in the home or who the letterbox belongs to. A letterbox sign might not be an actual requirement from the paperboy or postman, but it makes their work easier and ensures you get your post. A letterbox name plate is also a first welcoming gesture for visitors.

The plastic signs are 1.6 mm thick.

When selecting a sign to fix to a letterbox, there are several important aspects to consider. Apart from choosing the right colour, shape and design, it can be useful to review some of the more common text types that can be found on letterbox signs.

Designing a suitable letterbox sign

Name label on letterbox

This is a smaller form of letterbox sign. In terms of text, it normally only features a surname or business name. A name label is a simple way of indicating who lives or works in a building.

“Lives here” sign 

This is a more personal version of a letterbox name plate. Below the name, you can include the text “lives here”, which of course in one sense is obvious, but it makes your letterbox sign more welcoming. 

Last name/full name 

A name plate for a letterbox can include either just the last name of the people living in the house, or both their first name and surname. This is a matter of taste, but for those living in an apartment block where several people may have the same last name, it might be useful to also include the first name on the letterbox.


In addition to including a name on a letterbox sign, it is also possible to print the address. This can prove useful if, for instance, there is no sign on the outside of the building showing the address, thus making it easier for delivery men and postmen.

Choose a letterbox sign with care – even a small sign can convey important information.

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