Name Badges

Name badges are ideal in materials such as brass and plastic. They are stylish, affordable and high quality. Name badges are a nice way to make an encounter with a patient or customer more personal.

Name badges are available with two different fixing methods – the precise method you choose will depend on how you intend to wear them. A pin is a simple way of fixing name badges to a T-shirt or other item of clothing, but can leave a hole. Another method of fixing a name badge is a magnet, which always works well.

You can easily and quickly order large numbers of name badges, all with different names, titles, etc., using our Design Page. If you would like help placing a larger order of name badges, please contact our customer service. They’ll be happy to help!

Name badges engraved

Engraved name badges are manufactured from a plastic laminate in two layers, the top forming the badge color and the bottom the text color. You will find all color combinations on our Design Page, where you can also choose from a number of different shapes for your badge. It is also possible to add an image or logo to your name badge.

Engraved name badges are often used within the health care and service sectors.

Name badges color printing

We offer name badges with color printing in three different materials: brass, nickel-plated brass (silver) and plastic. The badges can be ordered in three different shapes and are highly durable. As with engraved name badges, it is also possible to add an image or logo to the name badge. The text and image is then printed digitally in color.

Name badges with color printing are often used in local government, schools, banks, the real estate sector and at fairs.

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