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Women's locker room signs

Women’s locker room signs make it obvious that this is a women-only zone. Use girly lettering or a bold font to signify girl power but, whatever you do, make sure it’s pretty. Women’s locker room signs can also provide information about other issues; whether you can bring your own padlocks, if you need to pay to use the lockers or where the shower rooms are.

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Examples of Women's locker room signs

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 private

Brass sign

4.1 x 2.4 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Title COMPANY NAME Your logo here

Acrylic sign

11.0 x 8.0 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 - 3275 - SUNNYGATE ROAD

Aluminum sign

15.7 x 5.0 in


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Welcome!

Plastic sign engraving

8.0 x 3.0 in


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