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Information on Bar signs

A bar sign needs to be enticing and inviting. It also needs to give a good indication of what the bar is like. Is it high class? Does it offer live music? Is it high end or catering to the visitor on a budget? All this, and more, needs to be conveyed in one simple sign at the front entrance. The name of the bar also should be clear and readable, in a good font style, large enough to be read but not overbearing. It is usually placed above the bar itself.

Bar Sign options

Getting Directions

Where there’s drinking, there’s always a need for a toilet, and as such there needs to be signs. Once inside the bar there should be clear signs along the way to this area. Depending on the bar, the ladies and gents signs on the toilet doors can also have an unusual design twist to them that is in keeping with the overall tone of the business.

Being Open

It is also a good idea to display opening hours. This can be a little sign at the front of the bar, either on the door or the window. Again, this sign should follow the bar’s overall theme and look good from inside and out.

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