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Information on children at play signs

To remind motorists to drive slowly and with caution within a residential area, you can put up a “Drive carefully” or “Children at play” sign. These signs primarily need to be sited in locations where many people choose to drive too fast or in places with a restricted view. It is common for neighbours to get together to buy such signs, to create a safer environment for their children to play in.

The purpose of “Watch out for children” or “Children at play” signs is to make road users aware that they should reduce speed and take extra care, as there may be children in the area. Although there is a speed limit, the speed should often be reduced further, because children can suddenly pop up from nowhere. 

Go slow, children at play – Things to consider

Focus on children

Putting up a “Drive slowly” signs shows that drivers should reduce their speed. But why? It’s worth highlighting the reason for the sign by choosing the text “Drive slowly – Children at play”. The chance of the driver slowing down may be increased if he/she understands that child safety is the reason for the limited speed. 

Personalised signs

A classic “Go slow” sign is a red/yellow triangle with two black silhouettes of children inside the triangle. Below the triangle is the text “Go slow. Children at play”. This is often perceived as a traffic sign, which has both advantages and disadvantages. One drawback is that many people associate it with schools and nurseries, and choose not to reduce their speed after school hours or during holidays. If the sign is for a residential area, it may be better to choose a “Children at play” sign with a personal touch. A sign with different figures, text, colour and shape may make drivers pay attention to the sign, and not regard it as a normal street sign. 

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