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Information on warning signs

Waste control signs come in a variety of options. First and foremost though, they need to be clear and readable. The specific message displayed needs to be in large bold letters usually with a theme of red and black or green and white depending upon the urgency of the message. These signs are usually found in the countryside, near to rivers or picnic areas and are a way of keeping the area clean.

For example, there are ‘No Dumping’ signs. These can have a graphic of a truck within a red crossed through circle giving the clear message that this action is forbidden without the need for words. Those that prefer text should use the aforementioned red and black colour scheme to demonstrate the importance of the message. This type of sign can also hold prosecution or fine information as well.

Other waste control signs include those for no littering, cleaning up after your dog or simply where to leave garbage when leaving the area. All of these can vary in the amount of graphics or text used based simply on how much information is necessary, but all should follow the standard clear format for increased visibility to the general public.

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