Vinyl Text

Vinyl text is contour-cut text and images in vinyl, which is good for people who don’t want a background, just text and images. You can apply the vinyl text to a wall, window or car yourself. We offer vinyl texts from 1.2 x 1.2 in up to 118.1 x 21.7 in. 

The advantage of vinyl text is that it does not have a background, which looks nice on a window pane or similar background. Text and image in several colours, without small details, can be ordered as vinyl text, but if you need a detailed image or one in several colours, you should order a decal instead. If you are unsure if your image is too detailed, you can send it to our customer service so that we can make an assessment.

It is possible to order a mirror-image vinyl text if you want to fix the text to the inside of a window or car window. This can easily be done on the Design Page by selecting reversed image under “Text”.


Whenever you want to put a sign directly on a window or car, vinyl text is the ideal choice. Some common uses include:

  • Company signs – above all for signage on company cars or the windows of company premises.
  • Shops, restaurants and cafés often put signs directly on their windows and entrance doors. That’s where vinyl text is an excellent option.

Application of vinyl text

For information on how to fix a vinyl text, watch this video. The scraper used in the video comes with each order.

Note that the surface the vinyl text is to be placed on must be dry and clean of dirt and grease, so always start by cleaning the surface and removing any grease.

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