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Fixing method – Decals

Fixing method – Decals

You will need:
· A felt scraper (included with your order)
· Cleaning materials for the surface (preferably a grease solvent)

For best results, we recommend that you wash the surface you want to apply your decal to using a grease solvent, ideally washing-up liquid or window cleaner. However, make sure that the surface is completely dry before application begins. If grease or dirt is left under your decal, this will reduce its durability and may cause the decal not to adhere properly.

Note also that decals adhere poorly in cold temperatures (below 15 °C). If you plan to apply your decal outdoors in low temperatures, we recommend that you heat the surface using a hair dryer or heat gun. Make sure you do not overheat or damage the surface.

1. Hold your design up where you want to put it and make sure it is straight. Mark two or more points on the wall (which can be removed later) that you can use for reference during application. Ideally, this should be at the corners or at 4 different points around the design.

2. Then pull off the protective paper on the rear of your design.

3. Centre your decal within the marks you made and press it into place, working your way from the middle out towards the edges and sides.

4. Go over your decal with the felt scraper that came with your order or a dry cloth to squeeze out any air bubbles.

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