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Information on pet signs

Pet signs have a wide variety of uses that can vary greatly depending on the animal they are referring to. The most common animals to require signage are dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals. These can range from nameplates, instruction, warnings and more.

For animal name signs, these are usually found where the animal lives, such as above the stables for horses or on the kennel for dogs. These tend to be simple plaques with the name of the animal emblazoned across it.

Transport signs, particularly for horses can also be important. These usually come in the form of a yellow sign with black text or simply the image of the animal being transported. Many dog owners employ a similar tactic with stickers on their cars.

The last, and more important pet sign, is the warning sign. This is there to either indicate the presence of an animal i.e. ‘Close Gate behind You’, or the fact that the animal could in fact be dangerous. ‘Beware of the dog’ or ‘Beware of the Bull’ are probably the most common ones and as such need to be clear, readable, and above all visible. These should be placed on the gate or perimeter of the area that animal is residing.

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