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Information on cat signs

A cat is part of the family and therefore should, of course, have its own name plate which can be on the litter tray, near the food bowl or where the cat usually sleeps. In addition to name plates, cat owners can create a warning sign to inform road users that they should drive extra slow and pay attention because there are cats in the area.

Create your own personalised cat sign to meet your – and of course your cat’s – needs.

Examples of cat signs

A name plate on the litter box, a warning sign to get motorists to slow down or a sign that announces that your home is guarded by a cat – the list of different types of cat signs is endless. Here are some of the most common variants. 

Cat warning sign

This is one of the most common cat-themed signs. The function of these signs is to get road users to be extra vigilant and slow down. These signs are often designed to look like road signs – but with some modification. They can be classic warning signs with a yellow background, with a silhouette of a cat in the centre.

Another alternative is a crossing sign featuring a cat or the text “Drive slowly – cats playing”. 

Beware of the cat

A common dog sign is the “Beware of the dog” sign. This is to warn visitors who are afraid of dogs. There are also a lot of people who are afraid of cats and so it may be a good idea to put up a cat sign that indicates in some way that there are cats in the home. 

If I get lost

A very practical cat sign is the small tag that can be attached to their collar. If the cat then gets lost, the person who finds the cat can easily ring the number on the tag so that the cat can be returned to its owner again. 

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