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Information on Stable signs

The sign normally found on a horse’s stable is called a stable door sign or a stable name plate. Naturally, the horse’s name is included on the stable door plaque, but apart from that there are several other options. Some signs include the date of birth of the horse and the names of its parents. In this case, the father’s name comes first, marked with an E. The mother’s name is written underneath, marked with a U. If the horse is a half-bred, it is also common to include the name of the horse’s maternal grandfather, which is marked UE.

No matter how you want to design your own stable name plaque, we have the right option for you – attractive, personal and inexpensive.

Stable sign – Horse

A horse is a very personal animal, so of course even their stable door name plates should be designed with a personal touch. With a number of different combinations on offer, you can create a stable door plaque perfect for your horse. At the same time take the opportunity to design signs for labelling within the stable, so that everything is in its right place.

Design your own stable sign

The most common use for stable door plaques is to show the name of the horse in each stall. In addition to the name, it is common to add other information to the stable name plaques:

Year of birth

The vast majority of stable signs show the horse’s year of birth. This is directly under the name. 


Normally the letter “E” is written in front of the father’s name and “U” in front of the mother’s name. The father’s name always comes first. Sometimes the maternal grandfather’s name is also included on the stable sign, with the letters “UE” in front of the name. 

Breed symbol

One option is to include the horse breed’s unique symbol on the sign.


If the owner’s name is included on the stable door name plates, it is usually at the bottom, indicated by “Own” or “Owner”.

Other information

Other information that can be included is “Import Denmark” (or other country) and “Unknown lineage”.

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