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Information on security signs

Our ‘Security Notice’ signs are perfect for warning trespassers and criminals that your property is a restricted area, and that you will prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Our signs, in bright contrasting colours, can ensure the security and the privacy of your property.

‘Security Checkpoint’ signs

In the troubled times we live in, security is becoming more and more important. One of our ‘Security Checkpoint’ signs will help facilitate entry into your building by warning personnel or customers of the security procedures they need to follow – for example, that they or their baggage are subject to searches.

Security warning signs

Our range of generic ‘Security Warning’ signs is perfect for pretty much any security situation. Whether you want to warn trespassers that you operate patrols around your property, or that you have the area under 24/7 surveillance, or that you have an alarm system on - we cover it all.

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